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The need is evident to journey out of normal reality in whatever healthy and beneficial ways that might exist. I wanna blog about the world, the experience of existing, of overcoming, of vacationing in the wild blue yonder for the purpose of bringing back mutually edifying souvenirs. To me, the word ‘Hyperborean’ evokes the notion of a place that may or may not have existed, a place that was outside the boundaries of mundane human experience, somewhere near the top of the world, where according to Pindar,

 “Never the Muse is absent from their ways: lyres clash and flutes cry
and everywhere maiden choruses whirling.
Neither disease nor bitter old age is mixed
in their sacred blood; far from labor and battle they live.”

   Nietzsche made use of the concept;  “Let us look each other in the face. We are Hyperboreans — we know well enough how remote our place is. Beyond the North, beyond the ice, beyond death — our life, our happiness.” Of course Nietzsche had …issues….but I relate to that particular flash of insight.
   So two concepts that can’t be intellectually neatly categorized or packaged without nullifying their virtue; ‘Hyperborean’ and ‘Zen’- the  elusive state of focus that illuminates reality outside of our social conditioning, together make up the subject matter of this blog and a direction I want to pursue. Aside from my personal relevant insights this blog will feature videos, exerpts

my visit to Glendalough Monestary built in 6th century Ireland.

from great works of thought…and whatever else is freeing.


~ by edmundsax67 on April 19, 2011.

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