The Carnyx

The Celtic war horn………..was known as the Carnyx and it was somewhat saxophone shaped being held like an upside down saxophone.  To me the Saxophone , by it’s nature, is the most Hyperborean instrument  yet invented. Intended for orchestra it had few fans early on. It was hard to keep in tune, varying wildly in pitch at various places in it’s range and it required constant tonal control as it was capable of bending certain notes over a step and a half….hardly ideal for the rigid control required for classical pieces. But someone……I’m guessin’ in N’awlins or some such place, sat down with a saxophone and a bottle of hooch and explored the broad expanses of the instrument’s expressive and emotive capabilities. This discovery was crucial in the developement of jazz, blues and eventually Rock & Roll.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve never heard Branford Marsalis playing Handel or Vivaldi, you’re missing out. It’s all part of the inscrutable majesty of this unique musical tool. The sax can sound like a flute, a trumpet, a cello or….. a saxophone. It can croon, wail, growl, play notes that a tuba might envy or or squeal tones that only your dog will notice. The sax has been described as the closest musical instrument to the human voice. AmAZing.

I saw Scott Page, the sax player for Pink Floyd open the show back in ’87 at the Capitol Center. He came flyin’ out on stage amidst smoke and lasers with his hair as long as he was tall caught in the wind and he made sounds that astounded me. I didn’t know saxophones could do that. That was the year I discovered I could rock on the sax……. Thank you hometown, that will be all. I was outta there. And through many adventures and chapters the sax was always there reminding me that no matter what was happening or how many clueless things I’d done, I could get on stage, get in the greatly preferable music state, and make people shout and clap and smile. The more I learn about Zen the more I realize that I’ve been practicing it, coming closer to it, every time I play than I knew. My point; get a saxophone, or a guitar or learn to sing or dance or write or SOMEthin’. It’s good for ya. Good for everyone. Life is hard. When it gets too rough I can blow the Carnyx and remind my problems that I care about other things.

Saxophone; the Hyperborean Trumpet


~ by edmundsax67 on June 22, 2011.

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  1. Gonna engage this blogging idea. Thinking of encorporating music, commentary on current political and religious events, history science, really anything that pertains to the topic of Hyperborean Zen as laid out in the first post. Suggestions welcome.

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