So much is happening

So much to take in, absorb, comprehend and deal with. We’ve all seen the charts that show the progress of technology throughout human history; the slow upward grade continuing for millennia until the mid 19th century, then the almost vertical ascent of the the chart through the 20th century. Comedian Lewis Black, one of my absolute faves, talked about hope in one of his routines. How could he have hope in the face of so many frightening problems on our horizon? How could he entertain the notion of hope with the constant Jerry Springer horseshit that our political and spiritual leaders showcase daily via the media? Then he held up his Blackberry. A tiny thin little device that he could do 50 different things with like talk to people around the world, view live broadcasts, send texts, download music and movies and perform feats that would have required computers the size of whole buildings just 50 years ago.

   I have hope too. If we can keep from blowin’ up the whole thing, or keep from permanently ruining our little global pond we’re sitting in….if we can stave off the mind nullifying allure of fundamentalism, then there’s hope. Technological advancement still proceeds apace. The answers are coming but they’re not coming from North Korea, or fundamentalist Muslim states or from the 700 Club or Michele Bachmann. I tend to vote for whoever seems less likely to push us into total catastrophy. It’s the information age. Anyone in any nation can get online and learn about the cultural, political and religious history of our species. I think it’s going to be harder for religious and nationalist zeal to sway large enough demographics to stop the progress or send us back into another dark age. But they certainly do try. That’s why I so dearly love the comedians. They often perform a much more crucial function than mere entertainment. If you haven’t heard of Eddie Izzard enjoy the link below.


~ by edmundsax67 on July 1, 2011.

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