Fourth of July!!!!!!

    Yeehaw!!!!!!! I totally dig fireworks. And unlike some people I know, I dig this country. Not so much because of where we are or our history, though there are things to be proud of (and things to be not so proud of) but because of where we could be, what we could do. Pffff! we have a black president! We could have a female president! We have dozens of religions, various races, political viewpoints, lifestyles etc. all living together here. Jon Stewart recently commented that we’ve been given the notion that right wingers and left wingers, Dems and Reps, conservatives and liberals….can’t work together…..But we work together everyday, everywhere except, as Jon notes, inside the Beltway. I’ve had various chapters in life where I thought within this or that ideological framework. It’s was comforting to think I was safely within the ranks of the good guys. Always painful though, when our personal paradigm proves worthless when actual reality comes into play.

      Our founding fathers weren’t water walking ascended masters…but they weren’t no fools neither. The progressive thought that went into the constitution has many times prevented mob psychology from doing it’s worst. I wish that the writings of people like Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Benjamin Franklin,  and John Adams, would be covered in school more extensively because something has gone awry.

       I hear people, STILL, in the year 2011, say “We need to return to christian values as a nation.” “We need to return to the christian principles our great nation was founded upon.”

       OMFG! REALLY?!?! We need to go back to when America was a theocracy?….I’m sorry, when was that? Where are these scriptures in the Constitution or the Declaration of Independence? Huh-uh. This country is great because of an original combination of deep thinking and passion for higher ideals and a consequent history of people wanting to preserve and defend their way of life. Fascism is just as likely to come in the form of a flag draped cross as a star and crescent or  hammer and sickle.

       I believe John Ashcroft once said “America has no king but Jesus!” ACTually, America has no king PERiod because you can’t call yourself a democratic republic if-you-have-one.

       It’s funny, I think unemployent, the economy and national security are the biggest concerns on most American’s mind…..but every piece of republican garbage I got in my mailbox last election cycle was about “stopping the gays.” RrrrEALLLyyy? It makes me laugh, it really does. And the ‘other side’ has no shortage of cluelessness. How the wording of  the second amendment is in any way unclear I’ve NO idea, but the Dems have seemed completely comfortable with shooting themselves in the foot over this issue for decades. How did these people, left and right, EVer get to be in charge? 

      Because as great as America is/was/can be………..right now we’re a bread and circus oriented society that would rather have comforts than give a damn……by and large……except of course for myself and you, dear reader.   8^)  We sit in the bleachers and cheer for our favorite team like it was a football game while they continue to do whatever they want. They will be in charge until decent, educated, concerned people decide otherwise…..or until the paranoid hive consciousness of the Tea Party decides otherwise.

       Change is the only constant, change is coming, and so often in history the good prevails…just barely…….because there were just a few more people thinking on their feet…..being courageous……..adding another note to the dissonant roar of the mindless mob.

      What’s this got to do with Zen? I dunno for sure. But Zen is, in part, about making decisions outside the conditioning we were brought up with or bought into. It’s relevant, I think.







~ by edmundsax67 on July 5, 2011.

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