Things That Remind Me of the ‘Who Wants Chowder?’ Clip From Family Guy….

Michele Bachmann,,

Presidents and presidential candidates who can’t pronounce ‘nuclear.’

Anything Chris Lambert did since the first ‘Highlander’

People who think America was once a good and pure theocracy back in the f#@&*#g good old days.

People who’ve never smoked pot but know that it’s FAR worse than alcohol.

Creamed peas and potatoes in the frozen boxes that are all pasty and bland.

Movies with kickass trailers that turn out to be maddeningly stupid………. Wicker Man is the best example of this.

A few more of the things that remind me of the ‘Who Wants Chowder’ youtube clip from Family Guy are, Bill O’Reilly, Oral “God’s gonna kill me if I don’t get a million dollars” Roberts, Our major news networks that feature Casey Anthony 24/7, Sarah Palin, people who think Sarah Palin is just a gutsy, spunky maverick, and Michele Bachmann.

Lastly Michele Bachmann.

And now please enjoy the featured youtube clip entitled, ‘Who Wants Chowder.’



~ by edmundsax67 on July 6, 2011.

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