The Ominous Kingdom of Theism

ImageFound a blog where science was given a broad though oblique swipe by a Christian ‘Apologist’. After perusing blog post titles like ‘Do Children Go to Heaven?’ and various dreary, ho-hum indictments of basic rational thought I just couldn’t stand it any more. I wrote the following reply within minutes.


Edmund Rainessaid…

Between contemporary molecular biology and the vast fossil record evolution is readily observable. The movers and shakers who bring you heart surgery and Ipads don’t care what we think or whether we call evolution fact or fiction. The need to minimize just the areas of science that don’t support whichever mythology we were brought up with and psychologically conditioned with is sad. It’s sad that so many shuffle through the miracle of existance NEEding to keep barriers against reality in place at such a cost to themselves and mankind as a whole. Either-show-your-GOD-or-a-proof-of-his-existance or keep it to yourself. The ‘right’ to proliferate delusion, with all it’s fear, shame, paranoia etc., shouldn’t be okay.
Where’s the harm!?
The Pope travelled to the most AIDS ridden continent and told them “Don’t use condoms.”
Let’s talk about inquisition, fatwa, the subjugation, torture and extermination of non-believers, women, gays, people with physical defects, or how about the systematic abuse of children, the disease brought to countless indigenous tribes by missionaries….okay you know what, this list is too embarassingly long to cover. Believe whatever pleases you but may you spread the disease of ignorance with the appropriate level of shame from now on.


~ by edmundsax67 on December 3, 2011.

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