The Very Firsts.

When was the first prayer? Was it before or after the first burial? When was the first laugh? How did laughter develope? When was the first event where our ancestors beat on wood, bones, etc. in time, in rhythm causing a group altered state within the tribe/pack that would become music? When did they first shout and make noise with their vocal cords along with the rhythm? When did they move about to the music and dance for the first time? When had language developed enough to allow our long gone ancestors to envision what the tiny little lights in the night sky might be and formulate an appropriate mythology? When did the blue eyes gene arise? When was the homo sapiens sapiens, the first speciated ‘Man’ born? Was there an era when Homo Neandertalensis had learned that the slender crafty new smoother skinned men were to to be fled from and feared for their ability to execute their complex will in painful terrifying ways on their prey and competitors?






When did the first hominid ancestor hug his or her companion and relate gratitude? When was the first time when one of us wore one of the brilliant colored stones from the ground for it’s beauty? When was the earliest utterance of words that meant courage, dream, joy, love, adventure, wonder………satisfaction?




~ by edmundsax67 on January 29, 2012.

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