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Peanut Butter Jelly wit\’ a baseball bat.

Click on ‘Peanut Butter Jelly link above……..great clip. 

   Someone I was talking to last night said……..”Man, life is intense, do you ever wonder ‘what’s the point?'” …or something like that. I don’t remember how he put it….or really what we’re talking about but I said “The point is fun. Ya gotta schedule in some fun cuz it doesn’t happen all by itself…usually” …or something like that. But it’s true. Fun, and especially fun-niness, is CRUcial. Oh…my…God, I will laugh at anything, I am so ready to laugh and so very immature about it. I believe that laughter is an expression of the understanding of the deeper ‘actual reality’ that I frequently mention in this blog.
Laughter is definately a necessary function of the human psyche and closely related to the Zen state. I wonder how exactly humor evolved within our primitive ancestors but I’ve heard a theory explaining how laughter was a result of natural selection. It goes like this:

Two cavemen are both running for their lives from a charging saber-toothed tiger when one looks at the other and says,
“Are we having fun yet?” The other caveman, who has NO grasp of humor stops dead in his tracks to ponder the question and is sadly eaten. The funny caveman gets away and is able to proliferate his comical genetic matter.

Laughter and all of the other forms of fun separate us from ants who trudge mechanically through their linear time alotments performing the functions that their itsy bitsy little pea brains can manage. I hope never to encounter a laughing ant. Having fun might not be the sole purpose nature intented for us but it’s a purpose I intend for myself. I’ll probably keep going to work, making sure my cat and I have enough to eat, I’ll continue to learn and develope and help out wherever I’m able, and do for others what I can but let’s be clear; I intend to enjoy. I choose to laugh as often as possible. The search for meaning will go on, but we can, by intent, decide that the search isn’t going to be a drag. Enjoy the Family Guy Youtube clip at the top of this post and ask yourself, ‘which of the two cavemen am I?’


Bible in a Minute.

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Check out this groovy clip…..  

Barats and Bereta Bible in a Minute‘   

     I do so love Barats and Bereta. They do several skits portraying the occasional silliness of God’s spokespersons. All in good fun….and, I think, kinda necessary. Freedom of religion is vital because freedom is vital. I’ve noticed alot of church goin’ people in, I dunno, the last ten years say, “Oh, I don’t believe in religion,” thereby distancing themselves from the…well…..goofier aspects of contemporary churchiness. But they have a theistic spiritual practice based on sacred writings and requiring faith. It’s exactly religion. The point of focus might-had-better-instead be on why there is a need to dissociate from 2,000 years of oppression, inquisition, shysters, and “I’m gonna die if my flock doesn’t give me a million dollars” evangelists. Words have actual meanings. Don’t claim to know who’s going to hell and who’s not and say you’re not religious. According to Joseph Campbell;

    “Religion is a system of symbols which attribute meaning and establish powerful, pervasive and long lasting moods and motivations in an individual by formulating conceptions of a general order of existence. The characteristic effect of religious themes and motifs translated into ritual is that they connect the individual to trans-individual purposes and forces.” …Which we can see in the derivation of the word ‘re-ligio’………to re-connect. See……religion’s not so bad. Many of us have heard the quote, ‘Walk with those seeking the truth, and run from those who think they’ve found it.’ Anything we put in stone is going to be wrong at some point for someone or everyone. I prefer the excitement of not knowing everything and continuing to be amazed to the cozy confines of this or that coloring book of reality. I’ve said before, the fact that we exist at all makes everything possible and everything exciting.

      This has been a melange of fact and opinion. Important subject though, considering that there’s a Mormon and a far scarier right wing ideologue in the lead for potential presidential candidacy in one of the two major political parties in this country right now.

What goes up must come down……(?)

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I disagree. Emphatically. If by up we mean better, cooler, happier, wiser, more real, more joyful then coming down is RAh-ther unnecessary. In Douglas Adam’s ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ the art of flying is summarized as being able to “throw yourself at the ground and miss.” Ohhhh, how accidentally Zen is that? The phrase ‘getting high’ has understandably negative connotations. But is experiencing euphoria, deep awareness of beauty, or enjoying dissociative bliss inherently bad? Nnnnnope. Harming your body and mind with toxins is bad. Hiding from reality in pleasant sensation or a chemically induced sense of well being until you’ve weakened your psyche is bad. But that doesn’t mean we avoid altered, heightened states or settle for perpetual mundane normality. It’s against our nature to go through life without wonder, without peak experiences, without moments of total joy. Dissociative bliss is a necessary function of the human brain. Through prayer, meditation, music, fasting, dreams and a long history of entheobotany people have been seeing through the world and acheiving life affirming ecstacy. Balance, circumspection and cognitive awareness are what have often been wanting. It would be interesting to consider what human history would have looked like, what our present day world would look like, if homo sapiens had not developed this propensity. 

    Playing music engenders that part of the mind that seeks upward and outward looking for higher ground. Playin’ freestyle music, as in playing a solo is very much like trying to throw yourself at the ground and miss. The answers Zen monks have recieved from their masters have always distantly reminded me of jammin’ the saxophone. Somewhere past contemporary theology, biology, psychology, etc.-ology are the answers we want, the state we want to be in, the more abundant life, and it’s not packaged for us in a recognizable form. “Don’t touch my bags if you please, Mr. Customs Man.” Not because I’m carrying contraband, because I’m carrying nothing. The suitcase just makes me look like I’m s’pposed to be here. http://www.youtube.com/user/MrEdmundSax#p/f/3/e6VbqVcD_OI   

It’s easier to miss the ground if you’re not carryin’ around a bunch of crap.

The Carnyx

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The Celtic war horn………..was known as the Carnyx and it was somewhat saxophone shaped being held like an upside down saxophone.  To me the Saxophone , by it’s nature, is the most Hyperborean instrument  yet invented. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saxophone Intended for orchestra it had few fans early on. It was hard to keep in tune, varying wildly in pitch at various places in it’s range and it required constant tonal control as it was capable of bending certain notes over a step and a half….hardly ideal for the rigid control required for classical pieces. But someone……I’m guessin’ in N’awlins or some such place, sat down with a saxophone and a bottle of hooch and explored the broad expanses of the instrument’s expressive and emotive capabilities. This discovery was crucial in the developement of jazz, blues and eventually Rock & Roll.

Don’t get me wrong, if you’ve never heard Branford Marsalis playing Handel or Vivaldi, you’re missing out. It’s all part of the inscrutable majesty of this unique musical tool. The sax can sound like a flute, a trumpet, a cello or….. a saxophone. It can croon, wail, growl, play notes that a tuba might envy or or squeal tones that only your dog will notice. The sax has been described as the closest musical instrument to the human voice. AmAZing.

I saw Scott Page, the sax player for Pink Floyd open the show back in ’87 at the Capitol Center. He came flyin’ out on stage amidst smoke and lasers with his hair as long as he was tall caught in the wind and he made sounds that astounded me. I didn’t know saxophones could do that. That was the year I discovered I could rock on the sax……. Thank you hometown, that will be all. I was outta there. And through many adventures and chapters the sax was always there reminding me that no matter what was happening or how many clueless things I’d done, I could get on stage, get in the greatly preferable music state, and make people shout and clap and smile. The more I learn about Zen the more I realize that I’ve been practicing it, coming closer to it, every time I play than I knew. My point; get a saxophone, or a guitar or learn to sing or dance or write or SOMEthin’. It’s good for ya. Good for everyone. Life is hard. When it gets too rough I can blow the Carnyx and remind my problems that I care about other things.

Saxophone; the Hyperborean Trumpet

Takuan Soho said…..

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“The mind that focuses on the sword will be cut down by that sword.”

“‘Omushojo Jijogoshun’. Engender the mind with no place to abide.”

“Penetrating to a place where heaven and earth have not yet separated, where yin and yang have not yet arrived, I quickly and necessarily gain effect.”

Zen Satori is on the next page, over the next hill, around the corner, or blooming in the amanitas in the meadow. Turning the page, journeying to the next hill or around the corner or scarfing down the amanita with the intent of collecting the experience of freedom in a jar or scrapbook will result in dispersal of energy and disillusionment if you and the universe/creation/actual reality remain two different things.

In Zen, Kensho, gradual illumination by way of insights and varied experiences, is less elusive.

Google Satori, and Kensho if you’re not familiar with these terms. The notion of  Hyperborea, as I mentioned in my first post, points the mind in the direction of a lost ideal, a time and place out of reach where the inhabitants reveled in freedom.  To add the prefix Hyperborean to Zen is to imply a new relevance to our time, a time where urgency is often felt but not met with potent energy. Within this combination of  Hyperborean and Zen is a road sign pointing to renewal and regained freedom and identity. Freedom is as ever present and permeative as subatomic particles. It cannot be withheld by anything or anyone ever. If you are breathing you are free.

Primal Silence

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In every splinter of silence the brazen chords of creation are blaring. It is given to the sentient to hear or ignore.

Singin, playin’ a sax, painting, dancing, fighting, learning, helping, growing strong, screaming, defying…..or just existing? What

kind of day is it? What kind of life, what kind of person? The mildew on my shower curtain is alive. It’s fulfilling what it’s meant to

do. It doesn’t get to define it’s limits. Those dials are set. The conscious, self aware, sentient life form has the prerogative of setting

dials to it’s liking. Even if it’s been told not to or been told that effort is useless and futile. For us, existing has countless possibilities,

and in every day countless memories, experiences, reflections. The fact of our existance should be a source of self generating, wild

excitement. Actual reality waits for the brave and the driven and leaves the safe and comfortable person to run down, heave

beneath their own weight and eventually stop moving. What fun is that?! That’s horseshit. On the other side of ‘this’  lies ‘that’

. Seeing through ‘this’ to experience and operate in ‘that’ has been the goal of every religion, meditation technique and oneirogenic

substance ingestion EVer. We are favorably met in the information age. We can benefit from the successes and failures of millennia

stretching back into the dimly appreciated sunrises of our protohuman stone throwing brethren. Our generations have this new



More! More! More! More! More!More! More!

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The need is evident to journey out of normal reality in whatever healthy and beneficial ways that might exist. I wanna blog about the world, the experience of existing, of overcoming, of vacationing in the wild blue yonder for the purpose of bringing back mutually edifying souvenirs. To me, the word ‘Hyperborean’ evokes the notion of a place that may or may not have existed, a place that was outside the boundaries of mundane human experience, somewhere near the top of the world, where according to Pindar,

 “Never the Muse is absent from their ways: lyres clash and flutes cry
and everywhere maiden choruses whirling.
Neither disease nor bitter old age is mixed
in their sacred blood; far from labor and battle they live.”

   Nietzsche made use of the concept;  “Let us look each other in the face. We are Hyperboreans — we know well enough how remote our place is. Beyond the North, beyond the ice, beyond death — our life, our happiness.” Of course Nietzsche had …issues….but I relate to that particular flash of insight.
   So two concepts that can’t be intellectually neatly categorized or packaged without nullifying their virtue; ‘Hyperborean’ and ‘Zen’- the  elusive state of focus that illuminates reality outside of our social conditioning, together make up the subject matter of this blog and a direction I want to pursue. Aside from my personal relevant insights this blog will feature videos, exerpts

my visit to Glendalough Monestary built in 6th century Ireland.

from great works of thought…and whatever else is freeing.